The best way to ensure that you have a solid foundation and a long, satisfying marriage is to explore all the issues together and learn skills for navigating life before you marry. Pre-marital therapy can help you chart that course.

Some of the common reasons for couples seeking pre-marital therapy include:

• Couples that are looking for direction about starting marriage
• Couples with difficulty solving significant issues (ie: issues related to money, children, chores, work, sex, cultural and religious differences, etc.)
• Couples with a “commitment-phobic” partner fearful of moving forward
• Couples with issues related to a previous divorce

Happily married couples have learned the importance of handling conflict, nurturing love, and repairing damage that has occurred to their relationship. Pre-marital therapy can help you learn the skills for a successful marriage.

Some skills you will learn in therapy include:

• How to manage inevitable conflicts
• Ways to express admiration and appreciation
• Learning to accept influence from your partner
• Ways to nurture love, romance and fun in your relationship
• Maintaining realistic expectations of each other
• Understanding how to interact to keep love alive

Give me a call today to get started! Pre-marital therapy sessions are available for 50 or 80 minutes, based on your preference.