Are you having the same fight again today that you always have? Do you feel disconnected from each other? Conflict in a relationship can feel overwhelming, causing symptoms of depression and anxiety that can affect other areas of life: work, friendships and your overall sense of well being. I have worked with couples at all stages in their relationships and want to help get you on the path to connection and love you deserve!

Some of the common reasons for seeking couples therapy include:

•    Anger
•    Blended Families
•    Changing roles and responsibilities
•    Communication problems
•    Conflicts about child rearing
•    Cultural clashes
•    Divorce
•    Finances
•    Infidelity
•    Infertility
•    Physical or mental conditions
•    Pre-Marital Therapy
•    Sexual difficulties
•    Substance abuse
•    Unemployment

Couples therapy provides a unique place to build a healthy, long lasting relationship. It is not solely for those who are facing crises in their relationship; it can also be a valuable addition to a relationship, offering new ways of relating to each other, giving tools and coping strategies for healthy communication to strengthen the relationship you are in, as well as the relationships around you.
Couples therapy sessions are offered for 50 minutes or 80 minutes, depending on your preference.